What do Muslims believe about Allah

Allah (God)
Islam is the complete submission and obedience to Allah (God). The name Allah (God) in Islam never refers to Muhammad (peace be upon him), as many Christians may think; Allah is the personal name of God.

What do Muslims believe about Allah?
1. He is the one God, Who has no partner.
2. Nothing is like Him. He is the Creator, not created, nor a part of His creation.
3. He is All-Powerful, absolutely Just.
4. There is no other entity in the entire universe worthy of worship besides Him.


2)- Who is Jesus to us?

3) -Who were Jesu’s parents?

4)- Can Muhammad or Jesus be worshipped?

5)- Is Allah the same as what the Christians call the father?

6)-Is there a Trinity in Islam?

7)-Do we believe that Allah created the heaven and the Earth in six days?

8)- Can we see Allah?

9)-Does Allah see us?

10)-Do we have free will?

11)- Did Allah create evil?

12)-Do bad things happen to the believers(good people)?

All the above and for a lot more q&a about Islam  please click Here!


3 thoughts on “Allah

    • Jazakallah for inspiring me and guiding my dear Effat. Fissabillahi. Alhamdulillah! Anything good is from Allah.♥

  1. Very Good Question and answer about Allah And day of jugement and some are for highering level of faith , it make feel person more engergetic after going through this content of blog …May ALLAH bless the brothers and sister for writing such artical and spreading such energetic and moral boosting contents…

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