Nasheeds and other favourite links page

A Brief Illustrated Guide in Understanding Islam!

*A journey through to the Hereafter!*

Beautiful Adhans

O Allah!

Why does Allah loves me?

Tears of a Woman … re=related … re=related

A beautiful Hadith

Learning Arabic? The Medina series

Al-Qur’an & Listen to Qur’an

Miracles of the Holy Qur’an

Islam for Greeks

This nasheed makes you think!

Sami Yusuf  for Ramadan 2009 (has some musical instruments)


Zain Bhikha – Deen-il-Islam

Allah Knows (full version) by Zain Bhikha

Give thanks to Allah – Zain Bhikha

I wish you was here: Sami Yusaf

Free Palestine – Sami Yusuf ft Outlandish – Try Not To Cry

Mother [Sami Yusuf]- percussion version

Mishary alafasy 2009

Sheikh Abu Bakr Ash Shatri – Surah Naba’ (Beautiful!!)

Allah Is Known Through Reasons (

Your beauty

Beautiful Islam

Islamic teachings and sayings

Words of Wisdom and Inspiration

When Life has you feeling Down, Keep these Words in Mind…


islamic daily phrases to use


Dala-al-Badru – Mishary Al-Afasy (Best Version)


Best nashed ever made in the history of anashed production /(nasheed)

Allah SWT

Parents In Islam

Sayings of the Prophet

A Beautiful Hadith

‘Respect your parents before its too late’


Nasheed (( I’m tha slave of GOD )) أنا العبد ,, by Mishary Al-Afasy العفاسي ..

Tala al Badru by Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy

sisterhood poem

The Islamic Hijab – A Sociological Approach 1/7

Muslim Woman and her Lord GreekMuslimEldin

Are you going through hardships?

Ten phrases that lead to success

Reason, Season, or Lifetime

Allah: The One  Who loves (In Greek)

No God but Allah: Alafasy

Blind: Alafasy

Hilarious conversion story !

A land called paradise!

Sheikh Abu Bakr Ash Shatri: Surah  Naba’

Prophet Muhammad’s saw Last Semon

Adorn yourself with good character!

Islamic Miracles. Amazing Scientific Miracles of the Quran&Understand Islam in Few Minutes

Islamic prayer/ No excuse to miss it!

Rivers of the Arabian Peninsula

Sami Yusaf: You came to me!

Sami Yusaf: Without You

Zain Bikha: Fortunate is he!

No Beats Necessary: I am your sinful slave!


Allah will never forgive me…


My Brothers, my sisters


Allah is watching me!



5 thoughts on “Nasheeds and other favourite links page

  1. Bismillahi arrahmani arrahim:( In the name of Allah the most gracious, the most merciful)

    MY sister ,
    jazaki Allahu khayran for your good islamic website, indeed it is interesting, i am your brother in Allah, if you want any support related to islamic knowledge or arabic, i am ready to send you what you need .
    i will add my comment about the last event in switzerland concerning islamic minarets, i read your dialogue with other person(pathetic) about same topic, maybe he is non muslim, according to his comment, but try to convince non moslems when you are going to invite them to islam , using islamic proof and alhamdoillah you have all arguments with you from the islamic references(qur`an and hadiths).
    ok i send you this good nasheed of the brother sami yusef( you came to me) you can add it to your anasheed list:

    take care
    with my best wishes Elbachir- greece

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