Death Never Knocks Your Door Before Entering…. by Nisaar Y. Nadiadwala

quote210513deathConsider these situations:

You are chatting with a Non Mahram quietly in a dark lane of cyber world, fiddling with your mobile  and you stumble upon a broken rod of balcony that leads you straight down from the fifth floor. Or you are  listening to your favorite rap song, latest hit, while standing on the edge of a railway platform or road, unaware of a fast approaching train or bus and deaf to the shouts of people  because you have stuck an ear phone… Or you are traveling in a vehicle , plane, car or bus while watching a movie and it crashes…These deaths are becoming a common news these days.


  Death approaches in two ways. Either suddenly or with an announcement  of a prolonged  sickness like tumor, cancer…

The difference is:

If  death pounces upon you suddenly either you are involved in a haram or a good deed.

If you are warned by a prolonged sickness you know it is approaches and you have time to make amends.


  A neighbour of mine died all of a sudden, due to heart failure. People spoke that he was lucky to have died without undergoing prolonged sickness.

There are some videos showing sudden death of a football player in the midst of the game.

The question is : Are these deaths really lucky? The answer is simple : Depends upon your daily routine. If you are absorbed in sins then no matter how you die, its a warrant for you. Even if you are sleeping peacefully in your air conditioned bedroom wrapped in a warm blanket.


If you are involved in good acts in the company of good people then your death is an invitation from Allah. Refer to  the 27 th verse of Surah Fajr..  To the Righteous Soul it will be said ” O Soul in complete rest and satisfaction.. Return to your Lord, well pleased and well pleasing unto Him!


How to prepare for a death ? Recall the sahaba, the noted companions of the Prophet (pbuh) : Uthman bin Affan r.a. received multiple glad tidings of paradise in a single gathering when he instantly responded to all the  few calls of charity by the Prophet ( pbuh ). Yet that man wept  when ever he visited grave yard. Your Assignment : When was the last time you walked into the graveyard and recalled your own death?  When was the last time you stumbled upon a rotting bone ? When was the last time you peeped in a grave  dug for a dead body ? Uthman bin Affan was a regular visitor to graveyard.


  Clear your debts: Many of us are sunk in debt. Our houses, cars, business, everything is running on borrowed money ( with or without interest) We have yet to pay the grocer’s bill. We delay salaries to our labours. Clearing Debt is among those rare things which many of us procrastinate for next salary . A man who dies with debt will not find the gates of heavens opened for him when his soul is taken to Allah. Rather it hangs in between World and heavens. This , even if you are a martyr !!! Sahih Hadith


  If Allah tests you with a prolonged sickness , then know that He is giving you a chance to repent. Your death did not catch you suddenly . These rising of temperatures, and shivering cold, with bundles of medicines around you are reminding you to correct your affairs before your medicines give up.


   If you are still healthy ? Then chart a timetable of good deeds. Keep doing good passionately. Don’t be bored of visiting your sick relatives. Don’t get irritated when your mother calls you to help her. Don’t get distracted to movies and songs but sooth your ears and spirit with Qur’anic recitation. List your debt and start paying off, your inheritors may  not pay your debts but rather be busy in planning to spend the money which you left behind…Pay them off.


  Take life seriously. You will not be able to get out of it alive.  Death does not knock on your door and say ” May I come in ?”


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