Nisaar Nadiadwala replies your queries

questionmarkQuestion : I have a terrible inferiority complex about my looks. It drives me to depression. ( This can be a question in the minds of many youth)

Answer: Actually being good is one thing and looking good is another. The huge gymnasiums, parlors and cosmetic sellers are offering the latter while publicizing the former. In the same way focus has shifted to looking good from being good. In the long list of goodness artificial cheers, pumped chest, bamboo shaped thighs, plastic smile are necessary commodities.With pencil like figure as an extra mileage for prospective brides, anorexia is soon an over crowded new club.These complexes are pushed in our thoughts by glamor oriented advertisers and marketeers through display of thin and fair female and masculine male models.

Even Monalisa and Cleopatra would have had to go hungry today, if they were to remain shining in the media.Cosmetics, good looks, party wears are gaining more customers, it has encroached the world of “simple goers”, “now even a clerk wants to look as good as an executive”

Many young people think that it is essential to look good and appear smart to be accepted in the society. It may be true for one section of the society but not for all. Attributes expected by people from their fellow people like generosity, charity, social commitment, family commitment, neighbor assistance are not down even in the bottom. In the case of a Muslim, if he is not in touch with his Qur’an and Religious values then he will fall into these types of wrong self beliefs.
Allah has given you a color, shape and looks that He knows good for you. Allah says “It is He who gives you a shape in the wombs as He pleases.” ( Surah Al e Imran verse 3)

Don’t try to gulp down those artificial looks that are posted in media as seen by the camera. All of these perfect looking people are as defective as every human is from some or other angle. A majority of the people fall in the average looks. People do get impressed by looks at a certain point but over all people love to be with good people. So don’t desire the looks of other people but see how beneficial you are to the society. Honour, respect and love from people comes only with the approval of Allah, so make Allah happy by being grateful for what he has made you. Inshallah Nor aim for honour nor work for honour. The best thing to work on you besides workouts for fitness is to work on your character. If you are best in manners no matter your colour, shape, or size, people will flock to you because there is an acute shortage of good people in the society.
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